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not suitable for export


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As well as being a subtle, unexportable joke about the monochrome (it's the slogan of a UK household-paint manufacturer), the comment underlines the banality, even ludicrousness, of this "transcendent" work's ingredients.
This monetary policy also permitted investment in inventories of essential timber and cotton, and of colonial produce that was unexportable during several crises.
Furthermore, Ramon de la Cruz's farces, unknown outside Spain and virtually untranslatable and unexportable, surely provided as much inspiration for the two collaborators as did the pictures of Goya.
20) Many suggest that Bangladesh has basically become a dumping ground of India's otherwise unexportable products.
adoption-minded Americans by selling them unexportable babies, doctors who
We'll probably have to burn the unexportable flowers.
Many in the encryption industry fear that products using the Clipper chip will be effectively unexportable due to U.
But whereas previous local hits were mostly local, almost unexportable comedies, the recent successes from the new generation of filmmakers are smartly packaged, highly accessible movies in a variety of genres whose only handicap would seem to be a "Made in Austria" tag.
flops and a handful of TV-backed co-productions that enjoy local blockbuster status but prove largely unexportable.
But while most Mexican pics during that time have been unexportable dross, Cuban film, excepting a few propaganda pics, has maintained a consistent profile.
Since top hits have tended to be unexportable crowd-pleasers funded by cash-rich TV companies, some politicians have questioned whether subsidies are appropriate.