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not yet discovered


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Small craft radiated in all directions round the Abraham Lincoln as she lay to, and did not leave a spot of the sea unexplored.
Like the matted growth of bushes and creepers veiling the silent depths of an unexplored wilderness, they hide the depths of London's infinitely varied, vigorous, seething life.
It would mean another half-day's loss of time to retrace my way and take the only passage that yet remained unexplored.
To be alone in the heart of an unexplored wilderness of Central Africa with a savage wild man was in itself sufficiently appalling, but to feel also that this man was a blood enemy, that he hated her and her kind and that in addition thereto he owed her a personal grudge for an attack she had made upon him in the past, left no loophole for any hope that he might accord her even the minutest measure of consideration.
Without pausing on the borders, they have penetrated at once, in defiance of difficulties and dangers, to the heart of savage countries: laying open the hidden secrets of the wilderness; leading the way to remote regions of beauty and fertility that might have remained unexplored for ages, and beckoning after them the slow and pausing steps of agriculture and civilization.
But his self- complacency seduced him into attempting a flight into regions of unexplored English, and the reckless experiment was his ruin.
Here we are at last," said the doctor, "in an unexplored country
This fact caused Jane to indulge in further speculation, and it taxed her imagination to picture how this beautiful ornament came into the possession of a wild and savage creature of the unexplored jungles of Africa.
Summary: Guwahati (Assam) [India], Feb 3 (ANI): Union Minister Jitendra Singh on Saturday said that the Global Investors' Summit -'Advantage Assam' is a boost to the unexplored potential of the entire northeast region.
ISLAMABAD -- The Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) has identified some unexplored scenic locations and tourists destinations for constructing new motels in order to facilitate tourists and promote tourism.
The fact continues to hold true as scientists studying an unexplored area in Australia's waters found a fish that was only seen once over a century ago.
Frankly, the northeastern states are yet to see the light of infrastructure development to open the flood gates for tourists to explore the unexplored paradise.
A third of Canada has only been surveyed by helicopter; Venezuela, the lost world of Arthur Conan Doyle, 60% of it unexplored; Guyana in South America, unexplored; much of Sumatra, where they keep seeing a Yeti type creature, unexplored; half of Mongolia, unexplored; one and a quarter million square miles of Russia, unexplored - so there's plenty still to see on this earth.
The man who took the world to the bottom of the world's most active volcano, Marum, and shared the epic event in a style reminiscent of man's first walk on the moon is taking us to one of the last unexplored areas left on this planet.
The World Bank has agreed with the Zambian government to fund mineral surveys in the 42 percent of the unexplored regions, in a bid to gather geological data and ascertain the mineral potential, Dow Jones has reported, citing a separate report by state media Zanis.