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School administrators contact parents after a student accumulates nine days of unexcused absences.
Notably, the effect is primarily explained by a reduction in unexcused absences--arguably, the more malleable sort of absence--which we interpret as consistent with athletes optimizing around policy-induced incentives.
* Establish clear, written disciplinary measures for unexcused absences and apply them consistently.
He spent 25 days on constituency work and registered two unexcused absences.
A significant association was found between school absences and daily smoking (smoking was more frequent among those who were more frequently absent from school), unexcused school absences and smoking (smoking was more frequent for those students who had more unexcused absences) (Table 2).
The Qatar-based International Union of Muslim Scholars, headed by influential preacher Yusuf al-Qaradawi, criticised the "world's shameful and unexcused silence" on the "insulting of religions".
Hairston didn't dress out for Wednesday's game after taking what Clifford said was ''an unexcused absence'' from Tuesday's practice.
Their statistics show that 91% of these students had less than five discipline referrals, and 69% had less than 10 excuses and unexcused absences during the school year.
Unexcused absences from two consecutive meetings may constitute a resignation.
Eligible safety award winners were randomly drawn at the event based on a minimum 1,500 hours worked while achieving no lost-time accidents or unexcused absences.
Employees with perfect attendance over a month (no unexcused absences or tardy arrivals) were entered in a drawing, conducted in front of all staffers, for a $75 gift card.
The human resources professional who once handled the manual calculations uses that time saved to monitor for missed punches and discern vacation days from unexcused time off.
SBP partner Alaska IBEW Local 1547 is sponsoring trips to Disneyland and an Apple computer for students attending elementary schools in Anchorage if they have no unexcused absences for the full school year.