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not easily excited


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We were handicapped by the electrophysiological studies being non-contributory as the peripheral nerves were unexcitable, both patients having fulminant GBS.
We note also the spread of the putative ES markers, especially in ES+, so that unemotional and unexcitable have migrated across the D1 midpoint to form a bridge to the Ex- cluster (to be met by quiet migrating in the opposite direction)--a bridge reflecting the similar description of the ES+ and Ex- traits in terms of D2 and D3.
Is Roeder a Houdini, Peter Pan, Paul McKenna and Bill Shankly all packaged in one bespectacled, unexcitable, ultra cool inspiration?
Don's neighbour, wannabe Sherlock Holmes and family man Winston (Jeffrey Wright), persuades the unexcitable Don to embark on a road trip, visiting four former lovers to establish if they're the mystery writer and mother.
Appendix Example of applicant profile Introverted, x Extraverted, quiet, shy assertive, talkative Cold, unkind, x Warm, kind, unsympathetic sympathetic Careless, x Careful, unsystematic, systematic, inefficient efficient Tense, x Relaxed, nervous, calm, touchy unexcitable Unimaginative, x Imaginative, unintellectual, intellectual, uncreative creative Dull, slow x Bright, to solve quick to problems, solve slow to problems, learn new quick to skills learn new skills
Whereas his subject was reckless and often excessive, Knox, as if by way of compensation, is cautious, unexcitable, and, in his few forays into emotional terrain, perfunctory and shallow.
Not so long ago, according to Jeremy Paxman, the English were "polite, unexcitable, reserved, and had hot water bottles instead of a sex life.
The era of the diplomatic and unexcitable Shearer has been shoved aside for a much more passionate leadership.
The Rover workers are unexcitable Brummies and yesterday they were exchanging the odd pithy joke or ribald comment with their friends but they are not going to be carried away by four hours of high emotion.
It's easy to mistake his laid-back, unexcitable demeanor for laziness.
The Queen displays every quality of the perfect computer leader - she spends nothing, is unadventurous, unenterprising, unexcitable, deliberately slow-moving and, best of all, tight-fisted," they conclude.
In a seminar setting, Wells comes off as a precise, cool, unexcitable scientist, right down to his wire-framed glasses and impeccably parted hair.
However, if the other output units are completely unexcitable by the input vectors, they may never win the competition.