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not capable of being improved on

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With an 8-acre central park, supermarkets, banks, schools, daycare, library, bicycle and jogging lane by the lake, it is an unexcelled residential development in Toronto with established infrastructure.
About Fudge Pie, for example, Rombauer notes that it is a "crustless pie or cake unexcelled in its delicious and devastatingly rich quality.
And progressive presidents have unexcelled insight into history's progressive trajectory, and hence should have untrammeled freedom to act.
Richter, writing in Sporting Life, captured the importance of the occasion when he praised the day as "successful financially and artistically beyond any similar function in the history of base ball--and thus goes to Philadelphia's credit another unexcelled achievement in base ball.
VersaCAD precision is unexcelled with 64 bit double precision floating point math, enabling large designs with confidence.
Scientists don't always agree, but the department enjoys unexcelled professional competence.
Bringing claim substantiation, marketing skills and scientific expertise- together with unexcelled photography and video products allows AMA to deliver a full complement of services in one convenient facility.
The two apprentices are related only by their common obligations to their master, and by the force of amitie, which is elevated in Clements translation to a passion of unexcelled power and a value of immeasurable weight.
The twenty-sixth chapter of the Sanskrit version of the Saddharrnapundarikasutra explains that this dharniaparyilya will be in the hands (hastagato bhavisyati) of a woman endowed with four qualities, including qualities such as planting wholesome roots and producing the thought of unexcelled enlightenment.
McGehee, DACT against Navy aircraft had produced "an unexcelled capability to perform the air-to-air mission against both bomber and fighter attacks.
His vision, resolve, and dignity in these noble tasks were unexcelled," it stresses.
While he is ignorant of the lore learned from books, he has learned much from the great teacher, Nature, and in plain forest and mountain craft he is unexcelled.
The writings of Keyser, besides their great scientific value, have another quality not easily found in other scientific writers, namely, as unexcelled style of their own, making his writings not only jewels of thought but jewels of style and language as well.
5-22x56 NXS scope is unexcelled for shooting holes in paper targets, demonstrating the maximum accuracy potential of a rifle, its extreme long range capabilities exceed the potential of the 7.