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But--and apologies to du Fresne--none of these pleasures make up for the fact that this is a shoddy book, that unexacting work of this nature is unacceptable, and that readers in other cultures, perhaps in Denmark, will garner a distorted picture of New Zealand's literature, and a diminished sense of du Fresne's place within it.
Reconstructing the history of a chronic illness is always difficult and remains an unexacting science due to known, unknown, and undetermined factors that influence disease expression over time.
In probing her identity, Amy tentatively attaches certain behaviours to the conflict with her husband's character: 'Perhaps there was some root, some racial distinction woven in with the stuff of which she was formed which made her persistently kind and unexacting.
Gibreel's exacting prophetic imagination is inimical to Allie's peaceful and unexacting mysticism.
Given the opportunity to express themselves freely, unexacting authors have turned to the printed word with the sole aim of attracting attention to themselves, of shocking the reader in some way.
By the end of World War 1, primary manufacture of obsidian blades had almost entirely ceased, and scavenging of previously discarded blades, along with unexacting retouch techniques, meant that blades became smaller, while decoration of the haft or handle also became, in general, simpler in form (2000: 130-131).
In other words, and even by the unexacting methods employed by saint-hunters, the "miracle" was a palpable fraud, of the sort that might have embarrassed a medicine-man selling colored water from the back of a covered wagon before cantering away to the next credulous township.
Given this unexacting standard of editing, it is unclear why we need to be told of those quotations that go untraced, for no one seems to have tried very hard to trace them.
The INS claims that because immigration detention falls under the government's authority to regulate detention, the courts should review only detention under the unexacting standard of being rationally related to a legitimate interest.
To avoid having to justify either Escobedo's premises or our tolerance of unexacting waivers, some may be willing to accept the present system as an uneasy compromise between the logical ramifications of these premises and the feared elimination of police interrogation.