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marked by no noteworthy or significant events


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Pliny_Elder's day was started uneventfully - he seemed to be running on Denver time, some eight hours behind the local time in Italy.
Walker landed the aircraft uneventfully avoiding any further complications.
The rest of the time passed uneventfully, with Turner sharing stories of his days hunting with his grandfather.
Mrs Wintringham said she and their friend abseiled the 165-foot crag first uneventfully.
But afterwards, apart from a few stand-out tracks, namely The Oh Song, 1876 - The Brooklyn Theatre Fire and bonus track Clinton St Girl, it just ticks by uneventfully.
A souvenir Toxteth calendar later in the year sold uneventfully, and his carefully-drawn posters of Liverpool pubs can be seen across the city.
But Sgt John McFadzean, of Huddersfield's town centre policing team, said it passed off relatively uneventfully.
He recovered uneventfully and was discharged 3 days postoperatively.
In commodity prices, crude oil steadied near USD 79 as stronger US home sales stoked economic optimism, while oil output was restored in the gulf of Mexico after tropical storm bonnie passed uneventfully.
Other dissidents and activists have also reported being subject to house arrest or increased police pressure as Beijing steps up surveillance to ensure the anniversary passes uneventfully.
In this case, the bird showed no obvious signs of disease from the massive fluke infection and recovered uneventfully, which suggests that even a heavy infection may be self limiting.
Two weeks ago Bubbles, who previously had delivered one set of twins and three sets of triplets uneventfully, went into labor.
It is testament to the professionalism of all of the control authorities that most people pass through uneventfully.
In a majority of people, this separation occurs uneventfully.