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marked by no noteworthy or significant events


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The animal recovered uneventfully and no recurrence was reported till two years after the operation (Fig.
The pilot and element lead rejoined, burned down gas and landed uneventfully.
Emirates said: "The flight landed uneventfully in Trabzon and passengers and crew were safely disembarked.
An RAF spokesman said: "The impaired pilot flew in formation back to RAF Leeming with the other aircraft where the pilot landed the aircraft uneventfully.
The pilot landed uneventfully on Runway 11, and since the wind was calm, planned to depart from Runway 29.
This ebook will review some of the conditions precedent for living a long life and transitioning uneventfully into the portal of the afterlife.
After the patient was fully alert, she was extubated uneventfully.
These were installed without difficulty and the plane passed several annuals uneventfully.
The HAC initiated a moderate flare and power application to arrest the sudden rate of descent, and landed uneventfully.
If this transition from President Hamid Karzai to his successor goes forward uneventfully, it will represent the first democratic transition of power in the country's history.
Oxygen masks were deployed and the aircraft landed uneventfully at Baku airport at 01:03 (local time)," Singapore Airlines said in a statement.
People and bears live together uneventfully in much of Massachusetts, including the Quabbin area.
The surgery was performed on April 19, without any complications, and the patient is recovering uneventfully.
The outpatient transplantation surgery was performed successfully and the patient is recovering uneventfully.