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marked by no noteworthy or significant events


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And here I have lamely related to you the uneventful chronicle of two foolish children in a flat who most unwisely sacrificed for each other the greatest treasures of their house.
I had lived a placid, uneventful, sedentary existence all my days--the life of a scholar and a recluse on an assured and comfortable income.
Felix, after an uneventful voyage, landed duly at Liverpool.
It might be, that under the surface so formed -- a surface which there had been nothing, hitherto, in the happy, prosperous, uneventful lives of the sisters to disturb -- forces of inborn and inbred disposition had remained concealed, which the shock of the first serious calamity in their lives had now thrown up into view.
The remainder of our journey to Thark was uneventful.
The remainder of the journey was uneventful, and upon arrival at Liverpool they went aboard the WEST AFRICAN, which had just come to the landing-stage.
The trip to the beach was uneventful, and the morning after they dropped anchor before the cabin, Tarzan, garbed once more in his jungle regalia and carrying a spade, set out alone for the amphitheater of the apes where lay the treasure.
Paras will try to make some noise with the Matadors after an uneventful freshman year with Creighton, averaging 1.
My first two outings were uneventful, but the morning of Nov.
Israeli Army Radio quoted one of the passengers, Benny Yekutiel, as saying the unscheduled stop was uneventful, except for the ill passenger.
It has been a uneventful last five days for the FTSE100, with low volumes at the back end of last week due to many traders still enjoying the Christmas holidays.
After completing five or six uneventful takeoffs and landings, the CFI exited the airplane to watch the student conduct a solo flight in the airport traffic pattern.
If no agreement is reached, the inner political life this fall will be peaceful and uneventful, analysts comment.
Steph, who lives in Copsewood with children Jaimie, 11, Will and Ashlie, both seven, said: "It was an uneventful Budget.
Kate Moore uneventful Budget "There is also some speculation that the capital gains tax rate will increase.