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Synonyms for unevenness

Synonyms for unevenness

the quality of being uneven and lacking uniformity

the quality of being unbalanced

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Results and conclusions: The road unevenness can be reflected by the strain distribution inside the pavement structure.
While this observation does little to address post-NAFTA unevenness, it does address the kinds of diagnosis that help to depict the system behind such liberalizing agreements themselves, reminding me of the very real dystopian settler-colonial petro-capitalist hetero-patriarchy that we live in today.
While Security Council referrals extend in a positive way the court's authority to victims of mass atrocities where it would otherwise be barred, Council referrals also mirror the underlying unevenness, and this authority (as well as the authority to suspend ICC proceedings for a year) has become a source of controversy.
Even the overall figure of 22 per cent deficiency could be misleading: it conceals the unevenness of distribution and periodicity of rain in various regions, which play a critical role in farm operations and output.
The aerated adhesive is better able to compensate for unevenness across the substrate surface.
When not using a lip brush, apply the lipstick in a dabbing motion area by area first to avoid mistakes and then trace the outline of your lips in a smooth motion to fill in any unevenness.
In terms of its sci-fi plot and general unevenness, it's all very similar to The Adjustment Bureau, released in March.
Despite some unevenness in the overall market, 545 Madison continues to attract high-end tenants, with several additional leases that may close before the end of the year.
In addition, coil centers provide a quality control function in order to eliminate defects such as unevenness, scratches, and rust on the surfaces of the coils.
This highway already has roughness and unevenness in some places.
One guesses there's a certain fluidity built in to the structure of Smith's show, which at times leads to unevenness.
During microcutting, the side flow is detected in the machined material through exposition of the unevenness in the cutting edge, which goes into the material, cuts its parts off during relative movement, piles them up and tears them off.
I argue that the unevenness in the development of open access feminist journals is mirrored by an unevenness of the possible implications.
Experimental stand for dynamic loading of machine aggregates enables to investigate the influence of parameters of the aggregate on unevenness of the angular velocity [omega](t) or of the driving torque M(t).
I nearly rammed into a lamp post trying to avoid the unevenness of the road.