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Synonyms for unevenly

in an uneven and irregular way


in a ragged uneven manner


in an unequal or partial manner


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Approximately 327 (all positions) broaching / scatter operations, unevenly distributed on four winter periods.
If it's condensation forming unevenly due to dirt on the glass, then I think it's because the glass is really clean and you need to clean all the glass now.
Girdle pain happens when joints in the pelvis move unevenly as the body makes way for the growing baby.
It's a familiar story of music-world success, failure and addiction, admirably but unevenly told by first-time feature director Jeff Preiss, who certainly knows the music and the milieu, but proves less adept at shaping the material into a consistently compelling narrative.
My cheerful server triple wrapped my brownish chip, which tasted fine but were a touch unevenly cooked.
Building her analysis upon fieldwork conducted amongst homeless people in major Canadian cities, as well as Edinburgh, Scotland, and San Francisco in the US, she considers homeless access to state-based and private security and, finding those resources to be unevenly distributed to the detriment of homeless populations, explores individually- and communally-based survival strategies of homeless people.
Be careful even after finishing as cherry continues to darken over time and will darken unevenly if exposed unevenly to sunlight (see picture).
The vase isn't pretty Or even well done, As a matter of fact It's a faulty one, As the base is disparate And the surface scratched And the floral pattern Unevenly matched.
The drawers can accommodate loading up to 70kg at full extension, even with unevenly distributed weight.
The net fiscal benefits continue to be unevenly distributed, with an adverse impact on Milwaukee property taxpayers, although mitigated somewhat by recent legislative efforts.
WASHINGTON: The head of the International Monetary Fund's steering committee says the global economy is bouncing back unevenly but still faces pitfalls, particularly the high debt burdens some governments are bearing and the slow return of consumer confidence.
The consensus among economic forecasters seems to be that the economy will continue a slow expansion and gradually strengthen over time, but unevenly.
Researchers conducted the study by placing two well-trained dogs side-by-side and treating them unevenly, giving one dog a sausage and the other a less-tantalizing treat such as bread in exchange for performing tricks.
Stocks traded unevenly Friday, with technology shares falling sharply after Research In Motion Ltd.