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Synonyms for unequivocalness

clarity achieved by the avoidance of ambiguity

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His explanation of this type of knowledge, however, makes it clear that this certainty does not pertain to the literal truth of specific statements attributed to Muhammad; it concerns the certainty that "what has been declared permitted by [these reports] is permissible and what has been forbidden by them is forbidden." Al-Shafici's statement is thus directed more at the unequivocalness of these hadiths' legal contents than their literal authenticity.
recognition of human experience's unequivocalness and acceptance of crisis occurrence (Erikson 2000; Dabrowski 1986); 7) aptitude to face one's own human nature; 8) to handle it, the courage of being, both in the face of death (overcoming the fear of death) and in the face of fate (overcoming the fear of living) (Tillich 1994); 9) acceptance of the hardship of existence, i.e.
By rejecting the "unequivocalness of traditional allegories," McHale says that postmodern allegory systematically undoes its symmetries and allows its allegorical opposites "to 'bleed' into one another" (McHale 141, 144).
Further, the text's perceived simplicity gives it an appearance of transparency that translates into unequivocalness; its simple meaning is obvious and, therefore, fixed.