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in an unambiguous manner

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The unusual sounds were unequivocally though still faintly audible.
He therefore appeared before Aunt Chloe with a touchingly subdued, resigned expression, like one who has suffered immeasurable hardships in behalf of a persecuted fellow-creature,--enlarged upon the fact that Missis had directed him to come to Aunt Chloe for whatever might be wanting to make up the balance in his solids and fluids,--and thus unequivocally acknowledged her right and supremacy in the cooking department, and all thereto pertaining.
Upon this occasion an unmistakable sign from Madame Danglars intimated her desire to see Albert in her box directly the curtain fell on the second act, and neither the politeness nor good taste of Morcerf would permit his neglecting an invitation so unequivocally given.
ANTI.BREXIT campaigner Gina Miller has claimed the government "unequivocally" accepts that it cannot close down Parliament to allow a no-deal Brexit.
RIYADH, Aug 7 (KUNA) -- The Saudi-led coalition unequivocally rejected on Wednesday any measures to undermine the interests of the Yemeni people, including the security and stability in Aden.
ISLAMABAD -- Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Contact Group on Kashmir has unequivocally condemned Indian human rights abuses in Occupied Kashmir.
JEDDAH -- Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Contact Group on Kashmir has unequivocally condemned Indian human rights abuses in occupied Kashmir.
After the Christchurch massacre, the NZ prime minister not only unequivocally denounced global racism but reached out to the Muslims in a manner that has endeared her to all.
Mr Newlands is calling on Labour to "unequivocally and explicitly back a new referendum" to put the decision back to the people.
He also believes "unequivocally positive data" warrants fair valuation at a near-doubling to current levels, while a trial failure implies downside of up to 60%-80%.
Facebook has termed "unequivocally false" a report that claims the social networking platform hosts one billion fake accounts, a media report said.
Alon Amir, an expert on Eurovision, a public relations manager and a close associate of the European Broadcasting Union, told the paper that he was told unequivocally that the competition would take place in Israel.
The Emmy Nominated actor, however "unequivocally disputes" the claim.
The circuit court granted Randall's motion to suppress because: under the applicable law, Randall had the right to withdraw her consent to the blood test after her blood was taken but before it was tested, so long as she clearly and unequivocally withdrew her consent; Randall did clearly and unequivocally withdraw her consent; and, therefore, the State's subsequent blood testing was without a lawful basis and its use as evidence would violate Randall's Fourth Amendment rights.<br />On appeal, the State does not dispute that Randall's attempt to withdraw her consent was clear and unequivocal.