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Princethorpe is a college steeped in history and has unequalled character and academic rigour.
Simply applying for the EVHA provides companies with unequalled access to the judges' expertise.
Through the introduction of Penguin Computing's turnkey cluster systems, the shipment of Scyld Beowulf Release 29, supporting both 64-bit and 32-bit platforms, and our new partnership with InfiniCon Systems, Penguin Computing is positioned to address high growth vertical markets requiring cluster solutions that provide end users with the most complete, rock-solid management framework for Linux deployments and an unequalled ability to scale computing power," said Enrico Pesatori, president and chief executive officer of Penguin Computing.
Carter, an instructor at Howard University, has created an exciting and valuable Herstory whose scope is unequalled.
To achieve these priorities, I believe that we must leverage our unequalled access to industry expertise and knowledge, our broad international expertise, and our depth of experience.
Intended to join two other recently launched X-ray telescopes--NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and the European Space Agency's X-ray Multi-Mirror Mission (XMM) satellite--Astro-E would have measured the energies of individual X rays with unequalled precision.
Their elixir of choice, they swear, is unequalled in virtue by other booze, and they will wax philosophical for hours on variances in different brews.
We are looking forward to working with Kaplan to create an unequalled resource for organizations seeking improved business performance and regulatory compliance.
Offering unequalled performance and code density, Velocity's microcontrollers deliver exceptional 32-bit performance at 8-bit systems cost.
With an operating height of 750 mm (heating platen upper edge), and an opening stroke of up to 830 mm, an unequalled accessibility is said to be obtained.
And, it's not only about retailers, as there are major corporations that are contemplating combining a branding opportunity with a corporate showcase because of this unequalled exposure.
EQUS' ability to deliver unequalled insight into technology market dynamics is as a result of an outstanding research team of analysts with in-depth knowledge of technology.
The ergonomics and the accessibility of the closing and injection units are said to be unequalled.
Compared to off-the-shelf products, it meets exact OEM needs-from exclusive branding to custom engineering-as Force operates from a global footprint of design centers, backed by Solectron's ISO 9001 certified processes and supply-chain management expertise-a capability unequalled in embedded computing.
With an operating height of only 750 mm (heating platen upper edge), and an opening stroke of up to 830 mm, an unequalled accessibility is said to be obtained.