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Poem for Doddy A famous son of Liverpool Is up there with the best He made us laugh for 70 years I think he's earned a rest The King of the jam-buttie mines The squire of Knotty Ash The leader of the Diddymen He'd always have a bash Famous for his toothy grin Tatty 'ed and tickling stick Rapid-fire repertoire Of humour lightning quick We'll never have again those shows An epic four hour stint So farewell Mick the Marmaliser Farewell Dicky Mint Farewell Kenneth Arthur Dodd Honours unsurmounted Sausage knotter, artists model Famous failed accountant Happiness he brought us Unequalled by his peers Sadder is the world he's left 'Tears for souvenirs.' by Tommy Dewhurst, Lydiate
My sincere sympathy goes out to Faith, who backed him all the way and enabled him to make such an unequalled contribution.
While doing so, Pakistan's security forces had given unequalled sacrifices, he added.
Tommy Lawton's goal scoring record for England achieved from the 1930s to 1950s remains unequalled. But he ended up begging friends for money after his career came to an end.
According to show organizers, as the largest food tradeshow in Canada, SIAL Canada offers visitors an unequalled selection of international and Canadian products.
Their 12 Croatian Cup successes is also unequalled.
"When a young man or young woman becomes involved in an organized shooting program, it provides an unequalled opportunity to learn responsibility, self-mastery, teamwork, respect of authority and respect of peers," said Blake J.
It is worth mentioning that Serengeti National Park is undoubtedly the best-known wildlife sanctuary in the world, unequalled for its natural beauty and scientific value.
The school has a unique history, beautiful surroundings and unequalled character.
The Sky rider was no bigger than 4-5 to triumph when the riders set off in Corsica last month and he's the same price to follow up next year after showing himself to be unequalled in all departments in a thrilling three-week show of strength and verve.
It was a very competitive field, and to be so honoured highlights our commitment to providing innovative products and unequalled risk management to our clients during challenging market conditions in 2012.'
This marks the sixth consecutive year KPMG has taken the top prize, which is unequalled in the advisory category.
Access to the artist, his family and friends, and his fellow musicians lends a depth and quality to this coverage that is unequalled in other coverages of Springsteen.
With all pleasure we invite you to experience our unequalled tour packages in many International destinations awaiting your presence.