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not caused to be equal


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Others argued that the American Dream was merely an illusion, as Mumford points out, and they cited examples of inner-city schools, poverty-stricken neighborhoods, and unequalized healthcare as support.
Healthcare disparity is another form of unequalized access to care.
Figure 2 illustrates the eye pattern diagrams (EPD) for unequalized as well as for optimally equalized links, driven at 3.250 Gb/s.
He argued that his retirement, reduced income, and the depletion of his pension as capital amounted to a material change in circumstances, and only the unequalized portion of his pension should be considered when setting the amount of spousal support paid to his ex-wife.
The potential downside of shifting education funding from local to state sources is a diminished incentive for local taxpayers to invest in education.(321) Taxpayers with school-aged children have obvious incentives to vote for higher property tax rates under uncapped, unequalized property-tax-based education finance systems.(322) Taxpayers without school-aged children also have similar incentives because their property value increases with the quality of the local schools.(323) At the state level, the education lobby depends on these kinds of incentives for its strength and its ability to defeat competing special interest groups.(324) This problem is particularly threatening in New Hampshire and Vermont for two reasons.
While I question whether anybody could hear the difference but me, instantly comparing the equalized and unequalized sound told me I hadn't been far wrong.
The comparison was also difficult because the unequalized speakers were too hot in the highs as a result of the required toe-ins.