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not meeting requirements

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That which is not a quantity can by no means, it would seem, be termed equal or unequal to anything else.
For I am in a strait between two; on the one hand I feel that I am unequal to the task; and my inability is brought home to me by the fact that you were not satisfied with the answer which I made to Thrasymachus, proving, as I thought, the superiority which justice has over injustice.
Thanks to it, I was able to meet subsequent occurrences with a decent calm, which, had they found me unprepared, I should probably have been unequal to maintain, even externally.
Tim was so completely overcome by this little mark of recollection, that he was quite unequal to any more conversation at the moment.
Accustomed to ease, and unequal to the struggles incident to an infant society, the affluent emigrant was barely enabled to maintain his own rank by the weight of his personal superiority and acquirements; but, the moment that his head was laid in the grave, his indolent and comparatively uneducated offspring were compelled to yield precedency to the more active energies of a class whose exertions had been stimulated by necessity.
We see the need to better understand the potential for Unequal to impact concussions and player safety.
For one, the current division of land and resources is simply too unequal to create lasting peace.
Bergt is talented, but everything is stated so directly, so seriously here that the artist's vision finally seems unequal to his technique.
We look forward to not only using Unequal's protective sports gear but to working with the team at Unequal to continue to make their products better and to spread awareness to every college and league across the country.
Since lab data and on-field results show Unequal helping to reduce the risk of injury, he was quite interested in putting Unequal to work in his suit and those of his team.