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Synonyms for unentitled

having no right or entitlement


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CJP Nisar on Thursday directed the federal and all provincial governments to withdraw police security within 24 hours of all unentitled people and to submit an affidavit attested by an oath commissioner in the hearing scheduled for April 23 in Islamabad.
Lord, remind us that we are all your unworthy, undeserving, unentitled servants, so we should not be proud.
"And the students are so unentitled and just wonderful to work with."
2012) (holding common law collateral source rule in Texas denies recovery of unentitled expenses).
And Ben Stiller, in "Zoolander," turned media-age vanity into a rowdy burlesque of grossly unentitled entitlement.
Essential capabilities in DgSecure include the industry-first ability to detect sensitive data regardless of its data type or location, define its relationship to other data, prevent unentitled access and provide monitoring for complete data privacy assurance.
In deciding the invalidity of the contract, the contracting parties shall return the received amounts pursuant to the provision on refund of unentitled amounts at Article 321 of the Civil Transactions Law.
Orix Leasing Singapore Ltd [2009] 4 S.L.R.(R) 101 (bailee returning to unentitled bailor: liability to third party founded on notice of third party's claim).
Divergently, men report feelings of exclusion and disconnection from treatment processes; being unentitled to their own stress reactions (especially when their partners are subjected to the majority of the medical interventions); and discordance with the support-givers' role (Berg, et al., 1991; Dudgeon & Inhorn, 2003; Shapiro, 2009; Thompson, 2005; Verhaak et al., 2007).
This response frames migrants as being unentitled to normal services and benefits even if they have paid tax all their lives, and is also located within a wider stance that seeks to characterise the welfare state in terms of people 'taking' things.
1989) (standard for determining whether an injunction was wrongfully issued is simply whether the petitioning party was unentitled to injunctive relief); Aviation Investments, Inc.
* Effective exclusion of external unentitled parties from becoming extractors
Westminster insists Scotland after a Yes vote would be a completely new country, so unentitled to any of the shared assets of the UK.