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lacking in enterprise

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Boro edged possession 51-49% had far more shots than Coventry with 17 to 11 with nine on target including a penalty - yet somehow they ended up losing 1-0 to what on the face of it was a limited, unenterprising side.
I passed it the other day and observed a few rather unenterprising things.
7) only touches on this issue superficially, and suggests some reasons for nongrowth: unenterprising direction, inefficient management, insufficient capital-raising ability, lack of adaptability to changing circumstances, poor judgment leading to frequent and costly mistakes, or simply bad luck due to circumstances beyond their control.
It subtly rebukes generations of fur trade historians for their rather literal, and unenterprising, readings of archival materials, and suggests that there are ways to use available documentation to reach deeper understanding of the lives of ordinary people who have not left many archival records of their own creation.
To be descended from generations of idlers and failures, an unbroken line of the unimaginative, unenterprising and oppressed, had always seemed to me to be a cause for deep, silent shame.
So while warmly applauding all those who did support Tuesday's event, it is hard to avoid a deep sense of shame that this important night was imperilled by the supine stupidity of so many uncaring and unenterprising stud owners and trainers.
One tier comprises the low-priced, scarcity-ridden quasi-markets of the 'less-than-absolute' command economy, where the unenterprising, the overly scrupulous, and the 'slow' can survive.
The Roman Catholic church was generally under-represented in ABC religious programmes, comfortable with broadcasts of its own liturgies, but unenterprising when collaboration in other programmes was called for.
"Yes People" are livelier, but remain an equally unenterprising group.
As each of the characters airs his views, the case is taken apart and the unenterprising work of the court-appointed defense attorney is called into question, prompting the jurors to change their verdict one by one until staunchly unbending Juror #3 (Philip Bosco), the most vehement advocate of a guilty verdict, breaks down and goes along with the majority decision.
Consumption, Culture, & the 'Unenterprising' Business (ch.
Failure at the World Cup, followed by failure at the European Championships, and the drab unenterprising style by which that failure was achieved should be all the FA needs to shed themselves of their latest flop.
Crude, colourless and unenterprising? Prehistorians and their views on the stone age of Sunda and Sahul.