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a lack of understanding

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The existence in the body politic of such negative tendencies and forces as tribalism, nepotism, bribery and corruption on the part of the electorate and the elected or appointed leaders is a reflection of the level of unenlightenment and illiteracy among the populace.
Perhaps it was cowardice, perhaps intellectual laziness, but I let it fall from consciousness until reading Foster's questions: Is it possible, he asks, "to break the bind that historically associates black skin with evil, inferiority, exclusion, unenlightenment and cultural backwardness?" Not "in the prevailing consciousness," (my emphasis) he continues, and as a result, "the recognition of a group of citizens based solely on their somatic features can only lead Canada into an Hegelian unhappy consciousness--one in which, even with the best intentions on all sides, the ideals and goals of multiculturalism always appear beyond the society's grasp" (p.
For if we understand savagery from the perspective of enlightenment rationalism, then it is apparent that it portends a state of unenlightenment where reason is ruled by physical impulses and/or superstition.
Either way, on Monday, his reaction to my question about Gaardsoe was met with unenlightenment.
John, it means our unenlightenment. For their part, the dualistic Gnostics reject the goodness of the physical world and its creator.
Besides, in a therapeutic culture that equates virtue with inoffensiveness, black humor is at best a mark of unenlightenment; at worst it can lead to a charge of harassment.
Weeds, painted with Ruskinian carefulness, clamber up the closed door (of course, of the heart) to represent sloth, whilst a bat, signifying unenlightenment, loiters in the turquoise moonshine of the overgrown orchard littered with the apples, them selves fallen, of the Fall of Man.