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Synonyms for unenlightening

failing to inform or clarify

not edifying


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Was this an authentic link with the real-world scenario, or could their real-world contact be shown to be self-congratulatory, cursory, inauthentic or unenlightening?
It is unenlightening to explain international law compliance in [these] terms....
The point in this unenlightening exercise is to do more than to illuminate the private Rehnquist.
And within this, individual persons, as participants in the shared values and practices, and enmeshed in the web of communal relationships, may find that aspects of those cultural givens are inelegant, and can be un-dignifying or unenlightening, but they can be thoughtfully questioned and evaluated.
These laughably insubstantial and unenlightening details hardly constitute any real "advantage' of knowledge.
"During his teleconference with reporters Wednesday, NCAA committee on infractions spokesman Greg Sankey was asked whether the NCAA penalties against Oregon were "toothless." Without dispensing his seemingly self-conscious monotone that made the Q-and-A an unenlightening affair, Sankey replied, "I'm not going to go through a dental exam."
The most serious lapse of the text concerns too-short entries presenting few specifics, for example, a single unenlightening paragraph on folk verse, ciphers, and the ghazal and roba'i.
Unlike Kant, who, as a philosopher, offers a theory of poetry that is relatively unenlightening and unsophisticated, Keats, as a poet, pushes the limits of productive imagination through his ekphrastic poem.
When the Vatican had asked them, in 1959, for suggestions towards an agenda for the Council, their responses were hurried and unenlightening. A biographer of Jimmy Freeman, then an auxiliary bishop, later a cardinal, might make much of his cry that a bishop's life today was a bureaucrat's life--could this change, please?
Unlike transcendental analysis, which results in synthetic a priori judgments, conceptual analysis of the application of concepts and linguistic intuitions is unenlightening and leads to a dialectical impasse.
The broadcast media's unenlightening role, however, can be traced to various factors that include: a desire to be liked, which prevents them from addressing the public's lack of sophistication; a predilection toward verbal jousting, placing combat above the drudgery of fact-finding; and a beaten-dog mentality against unleashing fresh accusations of media bias.
THE recent debate about the signs erected by the Llandaff Society has often been unenlightening, particularly the claims that hardly anyone uses the "Welsh" form "Llandaf".
While Wilson's and Sperber's works both utilize fiber materials, this point of intersection is in some degree an unenlightening coincidence.
"I don't think the labels would be so bad if they weren't so uncreative and unenlightening. Of course I'm a particular kind of Catholic.