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not busy or occupied

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not promised in marriage

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When it comes to happiness, 19 percent of highly social but civically unengaged people say they are "very happy," compared to 28 percent of highly social and civic people.
When a human brain is unengaged, the alpha power is high.
Just a month into her career, she referred to it as a "dream job." I couldn't wrap my mind around why she would decide to quit after just two years, but she later spilled that it was because she felt unengaged in almost all aspects of her work.
We are talking frees who are unengaged for a reason, promising youngsters from an academy or modestly-paid fringe players.
Indian plants hired far more workers, but the weavers spent most of their time unengaged in productive work.
"Numerous empirical studies have shown that highly engaged employees are more productive and deliver a higher level of customer satisfaction than unengaged employees, and much of our competitive advantage stems from the positivity in our workplace.
He delivered an assembly to Year 9 plus workshops to a targeted group of Year 8, 9 and 10 boys, a mixed gender, mixed ability group of Year 11s and a group of 20 unengaged boys from across the school.
"The consumer is completely unengaged. However, the consumer can exercise choice.
Educators report that NASP "engages the unengaged" and inspires students to greater achievement in school.
This leaves an awful lot of the 5 million people Aon surveyed "unengaged", which the more gruesome-minded of us might take to mean "haunting office corridors like reanimated corpses" where once they might have been valuable staff members, full of life and great ideas.
Those five consumer segments were "at-risk evaders," "eager and engaged," "unengaged utilizers," "healthy hesitants," and "price shoppers."
First, she introduced us to "no ring, no bring" for unengaged guests at her big day and now she's reported to be asking wedding guests to bring a different outfit for the reception.
Securing the right talent with the necessary skills can make a business inherently more powerful than an unengaged counterpart.
I challenged myself to wake up my sleeping, unengaged students and make my classroom the new distraction and not their electronic devices.