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Synonyms for unenergetic

not inclined to be enterprising

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On the other hand, there are also "downs", unenergetic periods called depression or somewhat milder "down" periods called dysthymia.
In response to statement 4 in stage A, "I was energetic in class," twelve students considered themselves to be energetic, while 25 considered themselves to be unenergetic. For statement 5, "I felt fatigued," 35 students considered themselves to be fatigued, while only four students considered themselves not feeling fatigued at all.
Abell was affable but unenergetic with little intellectual tuning to Keynesian macroeconomics.
"Jefferson's belief in the common man led him to believe in weak government, unenergetic legislatures, low taxes, no debt, and government as close to the people as possible." (57) In contrast, "Hamilton's lack of faith in the common man led him to believe in a strong national government, a social and economic aristocracy, an industrial state, taxes, debt, and, of course, judicial review." (58) George Washington's leadership held both sides together.
Janos uses the unenergetic men to awkwardly choreograph his drama, his drunken ramblings like so many fables of apocalypse.
"I really am the most unenergetic person you will ever meet," she says.
Tilak despaired of the constitutional methods preferred by his countrymen, comparing the annual session of the Indian National Congress to the "croaking of frogs in the rains." (36) He decried the British despotism that had transformed India's would-be activists into what he termed "an aggregate of disunited, dispirited, unenergetic, unambitious, indifferent, unprincipled, selfish, cowardly fellows." (37)
And it's all very calm and about as unenergetic as possible.
Greece, subject to criticism in previous reports for being unenergetic in combating domestic terror groups, is praised for taking a significant step against domestic terrorism with its first arrest of members of the November 17th group.
Then it takes a physical and mental toll on us, Starting work with a disorganized work surface is inclined to make us feel defeated and unenergetic even before we start.
Death and energy don't usually go together; dead things tend to be particularly unenergetic, but the exception to this particular role is oil.
The severity of the winter, reliance on the Indians, or the activity of competing companies might reduce the intake of furs for an energetic manager relative to an unenergetic one, further complicating the company's problem.
A sadly anemic and uncharacteristically unenergetic addition to Sidney Lumet's career, this Live Entertainment release, which world-preemed Oct.