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Last year's defeat of two city measures - a gas tax increase and an expansion of the downtown urban renewal district - provided an unencouraging reading of voter sentiment.
The simplicity and cultural rootedness of the model held and still holds many in its sway, but its silence on so many issues of great pertinence to politics, culture and social progress in today's world -- as well as the unencouraging experience of Iran, to say nothing of Algeria, Afghanistan or the Sudan -- have kept it unworkable for most intellectuals.
(63) Hesiod's rather limited and unencouraging summary of positive advice on marriage (Op.
And we value each other highly for persisting in writing for journals that boast of high rejection rates and unencouraging comments from reviewers to match.
Area by area, reports from hotels reflect the unencouraging trend:
According to Everett Trout, vice president of operations, "The only mildly encouraging or less unencouraging news is that in the last three months of the year volumes were at least the same or slightly more than the same period in '87." He does not expect 1989 to improve much over 1988.
Goosen's year is similarly winless and recent form unencouraging' Garcia's problems are all on the greens' Howell's missed cut last time was a mystery but he did finish third here two years ago.
The question, these graying directors (well, Jarmusch has always been gray) would be able to deliver the goods again after some unencouraging recent efforts.
His last five outings read 35th, 66th, 73rd, 64th and 53rd last time out, while his Bay Hill record is equally unencouraging: missed cut, 69th and 42nd.