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not closed in our surrounded or included


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All behaviours must ultimately be displayed outside whilst free flying, unenclosed, in the presence of people unknown to the birds.
The Benedictines, Carmelites, Franciscans, Augustinians, and even several groups of beguines, or unenclosed religious women, all coexisted and offered to the city's residents a multiplicity of paths for those seeking new forms of piety, social interaction, and spiritual meaning.
It also houses an unenclosed, informal conference room, kitchen and coffee bar that have exterior views.
While admiring Jaray's work, I always considered Centenary Square was too large, too open, too unenclosed by buildings to be a satisfactory public space.
At ISU smoking only will be allowed in personal vehicles driving through campus or parked in an unenclosed lot.
Four naive pots of plants were enclosed in each tent, while plants not used in the experiment were kept unenclosed by insect tents at the west side of the greenhouse as sentinels to indicate spider mite escape or infestation of the greenhouse by other pests.
the value of the property taken was $100 or more but less than $300, and was taken from [a dwelling] [the unenclosed curtilage of a dwelling].
This also meant preserving the world of forest commons rights and a way of life and economy based on unenclosed woods and wastes.
An unenclosed but covered crush pad avoids a code restriction about having more than two floors open to one another, since the harvest pad is considered a porch and technically not part of the building.
He added: "The Welsh Government has also announced its intention to develop a support framework within Glastir and the wider RDP to support mixed grazing on upland and unenclosed areas which, it is understood, will form part of a wider package of measures for the uplands.
Public wealth and property, such as uncultivated or abandoned land, mineral deposits, seas, lakes, rivers and other public waterways, mountains, valleys, forests, marshlands, natural forests, unenclosed pastureland, legacies without heirs, property of undetermined ownership, and public property recovered from usurpers, shall be at the disposal of the Islamic government for it to utilize in accordance with the public interest.
We firmly believe that commons should remain open and unenclosed, for public access and because they are a vital part of the landscape.
But as Enriqueta Zafra explains in her introduction, when in 1623-and within the context of Counter-Reformation--King Phillip IV eventually prohibited prostitution, "[it] did not disappear nor did the concern about unenclosed women, who before, during, and after the ending of legalized prostitution kept slipping through the system and became associated with picaresque behavior" (7).
They didn't have floodlights until 2007 and now, having started with an unenclosed ground in a small country town of less than 2000 inhabitants, they're acting as an inspiration to Lowland League chairman Andrew Waddell.