unemployment line

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a queue of people waiting for employment

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"There is nothing more inspirational than seeing someone move from the unemployment line to running their own business.
Forget about the call center; you might soon find yourself in the unemployment line.
For many, college was the alternative to the unemployment line: Students went to LCC because they couldn't find jobs, or needed training for the few jobs available, or sought to burnish their standing in a competitive labor market by adding a credential to their rsums.
Flextronics also reportedly closed its plant in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico, on May 30, sending 700 workers to the unemployment line. The factory produced components for Whirlpool and certain handheld devices, said local reports.--MB
It will get you out of the unemployment line and put you back in to the business world.
This is where many women work so if funding is cut from these institutions then it is only logical that the amount of women in the unemployment line will rise," Pavlou said.
How many is simply too much for our schools, our hospitals and our unemployment line? Our country has stupidly sleepwalked its way to enormous change.
Yet while the impact on insurers may be limited, from a risk-management standpoint Lockton's Technology and Government Contract leader Michal Gnatek warns employers to watch out for suspicious Workers' Comp claims, especially non-accident soft tissue claims from employees seeking to avoid the unemployment line or pay reduction from furloughs.
Romney's pledge to put Big Bird on the unemployment line isn't quite what it appears to be, though.
BETRAYAL Jim Murphy attacked the Government for sending brave soldiers from the front line to the unemployment line
As the current economic crisis has shown, people who define themselves by their jobs may be confronted with an existential crisis when standing in the unemployment line. "What do you do?" is one of the first questions adults ask when they engage with each other outside of work.
9News.com reported on September 12 that a Benton Harbor, Michigan, "pharmacist was fired after he used a gun to foil an armed robbery attempt, and it was all captured on surveillance video." The security video shows the terrifying scene at the Walgreens and the amazing, quick-witted, heroic response that landed a young man in the unemployment line. Two masked and armed assailants burst into the store.
The proposed new taxes will impact fares and reduce service, which equates to a one-way ticket to the unemployment line for thousands of Americans.'
For example, after economists announced the end of the recent recession, one cartoonist paired a "Recession's over ..." label with an image of a long unemployment line.
Yes, the Great Recession put a number of African Americans on the unemployment line and wreaked havoc with finances.
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