unemployment compensation

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payment by a United States agency to unemployed people

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If an unemployed worker decides to search this period, he or she receives unemployment compensation and incurs search costs of c([Pi]) this period.
It is likely that a large layoff will adversely affect your company's unemployment compensation tax rate.
Canadian Unemployment Compensation pays higher benefits to a higher percentage of the work force for longer periods of time.
Permanent changes to unemployment compensation law were also enacted that include new work search requirements and mandatory recovery of overpayments, including interstate and federal compensation, Federal Additional Compensation, and emergency unemployment compensation.
She reported the unemployment compensation on Schedule OI, "Other Information," indicating the amount was exempt from U.S.
It covers the employment relationship, the definitions of employee and employer, job screening, establishing the terms and conditions of employment, obligations of employees, monitoring and control of employees, termination of employment, regulating pay and hours of work, paying for employee illness and injury, occupational health and safety, unemployment compensation, and retirement and welfare benefit programs.
--$525 million in outstanding TPFA unemployment compensation obligation assessment revenue bonds.
Property-Liability Trust has been providing property liability, workers' compensation and unemployment compensation insurance to municipalities and school districts across New Hampshire.
Critics, however, say it's not fair for other employers to be forced to make up the lost revenue by paying more into the state's Unemployment Compensation Trust Fund.
In their claims, Quality Stores took the position that the severance payments were not wages but constituted supplemental unemployment compensation benefits (SUB), which are not taxable under FICA.
The unemployment compensation account of any employer will be charged when a claimant is overpaid because the employer, or an agent of the employer, failed to respond timely or adequately to a request for information relating to an unemployment claim and when the employer or an agent of the employer has established a pattern of failing to respond timely or adequately to a request for information relating to an unemployment claim on two or more occasions, effective October 21, 2013.
14 February 2014 -- Paris-based financial services group BNP Paribas' (PAR: BNP) California-based Bank of the West said that its chief economist Scott Anderson has issued a special report measuring how the end of the US federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation programme will impact California's economy over the short- and longer-term.
QCEW produces a comprehensive tabulation of employment and wage information for workers covered by state unemployment insurance laws and federal workers covered by the Unemployment Compensation for Federal Employees program.
* Spending on state and local government unemployment compensation dropped 10 percent in 2011 compared with the previous year.
One important channel blamed for the high unemployment rate that might be consistent with these observations on the long-term unemployed is the availability of Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC).
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