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It is part of the rhetorical modesty of Jaccottet's oeuvre to tender such moments as unemphatically as he brings his registrations of climate and place to the pages of his journal.
Located halfway between Boston and New York, Hartford is more commonly associated with insurance companies than with the unemphatically mystical ballets, infused with elements of tragedy, that Balanchine made in the 1930s: Serenade, Transcendence, Mozartiana.
After ruminating poetically for two pages on the problem of where to place her arms while sleeping, the narrator unemphatically states the story's theme: her reluctance to identify with her mother.
But first another object of attention is unemphatically introduced into the poem:
Despite the material's dark themes, the Los Angeles setting helps make "Changeling" one of Eastwood's most visually vivid films; cinematographer Tom Stern's mobile camera has a graceful elegance, and several panoramic CGI vistas merge smoothly with location lensing to unemphatically evoke the dustier, less congested city of 80 years ago.