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Synonyms for unemotional

Synonyms for unemotional

not affected by or showing emotion

with little or no emotion or expression

Synonyms for unemotional

unsusceptible to or destitute of or showing no emotion

cool and formal in manner

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They may be selfish or unselfish,(12) emotional or unemotional.
However, her controlled and unemotional performance is consistent with the message of the book.
A sceptical media disliked her unemotional manner and seemed to put her on trial.
Even a kidnapping is dealt with in such an unemotional way that it's difficult to believe in the characters.
Communication exercises are also provided, designed to ensure unemotional but sympathetic communication between counselor and client.
The incident has been cited as an example of Knox's unemotional response to the discovery of her house mate's body.
Since then I have had a much slower, less furious, much more careful and artistic way of approaching life" Actress Gwyneth Paltrow, below "She's not my wife - thank God for that, probably" Reported remark by Labour leader Ed Miliband on his partner, Justine Thornton, during a magazine interview "Hereditary power is so deeply appealing that the staunchest republicans cannot resist" London Mayor Boris Johnson "He was a tough and unemotional man.
He was reported to be lifting and dropping the "limp and lifeless" child's legs and seemed unemotional.
Speaking about criticisms for allegedly being calm or unemotional about people's economic hardship, Obama termed them "nonsense", saying: most Americans understood that he spent "all my time thinking about this stuff because I'm talking to these folks every single day".
On the upside, the whole of middle England - the people who like to say that Andy is too dour and unemotional and surly - had to rethink their prejudices when they saw just how much winning means to him.
Doc Martin (ITV1, 9pm) Martin Clunes is back as the unemotional shell that is Dr Martin Ellingham.
Pistorius was unemotional as he stood to hear his sentence.
She has also shown a flair at fulfilling the secondary requirements of her position, waving and smiling at crowds, providing photo opportunities by wearing different apparel at each appearance and a capacity to read speeches, written by others, in flat unemotional tones as used by royalty.
I did a really honest stocktaking of my life, had a talk with the leader of the conference and, in an unemotional decision, gave over all of myself to all I understood God to be.
Conversely, if you add a videotape camera - even with casual clothes and lots of "workers" - usually the leader nevertheless will come across stiff and unemotional because the camera too often will inhibit the workers.