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Synonyms for uneffective

not producing an intended effect

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The results show that the combination NVB + PDT + IL demonstrates a significant synergistic antitumor effect while the chemotherapy treatment with low dose of the drug is uneffective. The same positive results were obtained with the combination of Cisplatin (CDDP 0.5mg/Kg), PDT and IL, while the CDDP treatment alone is completely uneffective.
The highest annual output reached 850 000 tonnes of raw material, most of which was used for producing an uneffective fertilizer--phosphorite meal.
The use of endoscopy has been uneffective in patients admitted to stupor and moderate coma.
In the statement, RZS criticized the protest as an uneffective and disingenuous way to oppose the cabinet.
A spectacular but uneffective overhead kick didn't beat Roy after 65 minutes.