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(http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/567870/20140928/boxing-news-2014-social-media-war-between.htm#.VClvSfmSy0k) Boxing News 2014: Social Media War Between Boxers Continue As Pacquiao Repeats Comment That Mayweather Acts Like Uneducated Person, While Ignoring 'Miss Pac Man' Post
"Then he proposed to me but I refused because he was an uneducated person and had started disrespecting me."
It must be kept in mind that even an uneducated person can do many things but education widens his vision, helps him doing things efficiently, and adopts policies to suit the changing environment.
* "A college graduate will have more resources to contribute to the state than an uneducated person...regardless of immigrant status."
Our imam says that if you argue with a scientist you will win for sure, but if you argue with an uneducated person he will definitely win against you.
He added: "Some people will write me off as they always do, some people will write my team off as they always do, but it would take a very uneducated person to do that right now."
"Some people will write me off as they always do but it would take a very uneducated person to do that right now." CRICKET: Aberdeenshire player-coach Neil MacRae believes Arbroath can win the Scottish Cup for the first time after dumping his fancied Dons out the competition.
In other words, an uneducated person is more likely to continue in the cycle of deprivation than an educated one.
He said that government's first priority is promotion of education while uneducated person is tantamount to orphan.
Ilyas said an uneducated person could not represent the country in a proper way.
Will the UN intervene if an uneducated person is being forced to vote a certain way?
"I am a totally uneducated person from a remote village.
Pity the poor, uneducated person. In this modern world of electronic gadgets, computers, etc., it is quite obvious why so many are constantly encouraging a college education as the only real path to success and completely understanding the world in which we now live.
Chav: A boorish, uneducated person who appears to have access to money but not to taste