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not suitable for food

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The main players have cooked up a dish in which ignorance and animal welfare extremism are combined to produce something quite uneatable.
We will happily have meals with this curry if you could take only a morsel with it, she said and added, It is uneatable.
Michael, owner of the Duke William in Longridge, Lancs, claimed Winner "kept shouting" at Diane, telling her: "This hamburger is uneatable.
Pecan is a common wild species in the mountain area in Hui County, that bears a hard fruit that is uneatable.
The curry trade is in danger because, with the exception of a very few restaurants, the quality of food served is almost uneatable for someone who knows curries.
As to travelling south on charter flights to the Caribbean Islands or to Mexico, the passengers are now packed like sardines with barely an inch to move and the food is usually uneatable, but made somewhat palatable by drinks that cost $5 each.
She attempts to bridge the gap by examining them closely, then describing anthropological studies of classification, classification in its social context, anatomic classification and the semiotics of the body, the ethnology of a plant form, palms and the prototypicality of trees, the inedible and the uneatable, and the cognitive geometry of nature.
In Conrad's "Falk" we witness a recuperation of the shrunken humanity of the protagonist, a European, driven in extremis to eat the uneatable.
IN the context of the furore over the proposed banning of hunting, I am reminded of Oscar Wilde's famous observations: ``The English country gentleman galloping after a fox - the unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable.
Hunting, say the unspeakable, is necessary to protect the countryside from the uneatable.
Although it was good Australian frozen meat, myriads of blowflies and rapid putrefaction made it uneatable by the time it reached the cook and there was no water to wash it.
DURING a short stay in Glasgow Royal Infirmary, I found the food uneatable.
On Lavinia's use of Latin, see Palmer, "The Unspeakable in Pursuit of the Uneatable," 335.
I had poured in lemonade mix instead of powdered milk, rendering it completely uneatable.