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lacking interest or spirit or animation


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Anyway, as we prepare for next weekend's uneagerly awaited twopart finale, let's hope that Simon has taken note of where it all went wrong for ITV's sinking flagship.
Walford relic Nigel Harman popped up to belt out a ditty from Harry Hill's uneagerly awaited X Factor musical I Can't Sing.
Played by minute Seth Green, St James wrote an uneagerly awaited book about the long-forgotten "club-kids" phenomenon called Disco Bloodbath.
As we stagger towards next weekend's uneagerly awaited finale the dwindling audience can look back on the worst-ever series of a production that has seriously lost its way.
The uneagerly awaited 457th series of ITV2 classic Peter Andre: My Life.
IN case you didn't notice, I thought I'd let you know that ITV's latest megaflop Superstar ground to its uneagerly awaited conclusion on Wednesday.
But don't miss James taking on Zara in tomorrow's uneagerly awaited final.