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Synonyms for undyed

not artificially colored or bleached

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This abrades and destroys the fabrics surface to reveal the undyed white threads.
It is made of a rather coarse undyed linen, which has more weight and body than the soft and fine linen thread used for cambric, and therefore would have been easier to work with in such an intricate production.
"Now I buy beautiful natural undyed yarns from Blackbat Sheepskins of Marske, knitting bags from Jan Bags and ceramic bowls to hold your ball of wool from Wold Pottery in Saltburn," said Angela.
Some top name salons were happy to carry out colour procedures on virgin, undyed hair without carrying out the skin test.
To serve four you need 40g butter; 7 rashers rindless smoked back bacon, cut into 1cm strips; 3 leeks, washed, trimmed and sliced; 400ml full cream milk; 200ml whipping cream; 450g potatoes, peeled and cut into 1cm dice; 1 bay leaf; 450g undyed smoked haddock, skinned, boned and cut into 2cm pieces.
450g undyed traditionally smoked haddock fillet, skinned and cut into bite-sized chunks 1/2 x 15g pack fresh chives, snipped
Each band will represent the lighter, undyed stripe.
As part of an environmental drive, the company will also propose that customers purchase specially designed unbleached, undyed cotton bags for repeated use.
The partnership, effective immediately, expands Foss' product line of specialty polyester fibers to include both dyed and undyed acrylic fiber solutions, providing customers a single resource for a wide variety of fiber options.
Go for unbleached, undyed organic cotton or linen sheets and bedding which have not been treated with chemicals
Its most distinctive feature is the undyed white selvedge with a saw-tooth effect.
Hand-tufted in undyed wool in India, the rugs vary between cut and loop pile.
The tartan is made from the undyed wool of black and white sheep and was first worn by herding families of the Border hills in the 15th and 16th centuries.
Only undyed, unbleached, heavy-duty organic cotton fabric is used and no synthetic glues, dyes or finishing sprays are used at any stage of production of any of the products.
The changes were quite modest, involving a return to the garment's original dun hue of undyed wool and other adjustments designed to mirror more closely historical depictions of the earliest Franciscans.