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lacking due respect or dutifulness


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though she, Rebecca, had seemed to act undutifully towards Miss Crawley; yet was not her fault a natural and excusable one?
should adopt measures that are wrong or oppressive, the subjects may complain and remonstrate against them in a respectful manner; but they are bound, by the laws of Heaven and Earth, not to behave undutifully, much more not to behave insolently and rebelliously." (35)
Later that month, the churchman Edward Stanhope describes the queen's displeasure with ministers who had appropriated Paul's Cross, a standard venue for governmental communication, and "uttered matters impertinent to her Government and unfitting that place, and therein have preached undutifully; others not respecting the Earl of Essex's restraint as they ought to have done, have in their sermons, also at Paul's Cross, prayed for him by name; others have caused their bell to be knolled as a passing bell for him, and have recommended him by name to God in their public prayers, and have had prayers purposely made for him" (C.S.P.D.
The sales particulars make a good read: 'He had undutifully and disobediently demeaned himself to his father and extravagantly, prodigally and profusely spend and wasted much of his estate.' Eventually, however, he managed to hang on to a best bit, his 1688 marriage settlement including the mansion house, orchard, gardens, buildings, barns, stables, outhouse and dove house.'