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unsuitable for drinking

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When you get involved in this style of beer the opinions and beliefs among Belgian beer lovers as to what is an authentic Belgian-style ale and what is a rude, crude and undrinkable knockoff that has no business calling itself Belgian...this is treacherous territory, and I'm staying as clear of and as far away from it as possible.
On the fourth day of a criminal trial involving undrinkable water in two border communities, one of the two defendants pleaded guilty to all charges against him.
It is just over a year since it was declared safe after a cryptosporidium contamination which rendered it undrinkable for months.
In one extreme case in Dartford, Kent, an inspector was presented with an undrinkable 86F (30C) pint - as hot as a jacuzzi.
The water has not been fully available since just before the Easter floods of 1998 when vandalism and flood water combined to make it undrinkable.
He also takes a swipe at Coors, saying that the Colorado brewer's beer is undrinkable at any temper-attire.
At the heart of the case are problems with the Rio Bravo Water Treatment Plant, explored in the Texas Tribune series Undrinkable.
Tap water is undrinkable in many BA long-haul destinations, and there has never before been a cap on crew taking bottled water.
Although not undrinkable, better examples were later located in some of Monterrey's finer hotels.
But Max's plan to sell his inheritance for a few million hits the skids when he discovers the wine is undrinkable ("It gives you a headache and makes you angry.
The Texas Tribune's five-part Undrinkable series looks at border communities that lack reliable, clean water despite a multibillion-dollar effort that has spanned decades.
Revisiting the Undrinkable Series, by Alexa Ura and Neena Satija
One worker left descaler in the kettle so the first cuppa the next day was undrinkable. Another challenged all in the office - four people - to a fight.