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Surprisingly, some of the young female patients did not understand why they needed to undress and were reluctant, even with me.
Lasting about 30 minutes, this type of massage does not require residents to undress.
I'm sure that activists will argue that they cannot get any media attention except by wildly unconventional dress, or undress, and that a negative press is better than no press at all.
As we queue up, undress in public, are demeaned by overly paid uniformed security guards, and force octogenarians in wheel chairs to be treated with little respect after many of them fought in wars to ensure our democracy; the action of our founding fathers against ignorance, taxation and tyranny may have to be revisited again," said Richard A.
Edinburgh-born Talbot also said it was too cold to see them in a state of undress.
THERESA May's team have been told to undress under the sheets to avoid Chinese spooks' spying eyes.
Allowing your partner to undress you is only appropriate after five dates.
fixed a small digital camera in the dress and hung it on the washroom door in November to secretly film his flatmates undress.
New York, July 19 ( ANI ): A rulebook that was published decades ago, advised women on how to undress for their husbands.
Mr Gwynne said: "He had recorded countless males in various stages of undress.
The IT support worker would climb on top of the sunbeds to peer over the top of the cubicles and film the women in various stages of undress.
In 2006, the duo announced they were quitting the BBC and moving to ITV1 for Trinny & Susannah Undress, which combined makeovers with relationship advice, and Trinny & Susannah Undress the Nation.
What is Trinny and Susannah Undress the Nation all about?
Police were called and the neighbour admitted seeing her totally nude twice and in a state of undress more than 30 times.
Derek Magyar, who's straight, plays X and did several very physical scenes in various states of undress.