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not imagined even in a dream

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This process, once achieved, can lead to a previously undreamt of situation whereby the new, productive relationships are not only embodied in treaties and agreements but acted upon through collaborative planning and implementation for growth.
Now, with a PC, then a netbook, then a smartphone, then a tablet, almost anyone could have at their fingertips intellectual wealth undreamt of by 20th century librarians.
Certainly measured by purchase of advanced defense equipment, the Kingdom (along with the United Arab Emirates) will have capabilities undreamt of in the Arab world until recent years.
What is there to prevent a terrorist to undergo a facial surgery and fake papers to enter the Parliament and blow it up, causing undreamt of loss of life and property right in the heart of the Government.
Mobile technologies and services open up undreamt of possibilities, especially in the field of public service provision.
Considering that today's roller bearings offer levels of performance and length of operating life that were undreamt of even a few years ago, the option to further extend life makes a persuasive case for a) buying from the market-leaders and b) using those expert suppliers to advise upon and conduct remanufacture.
My reason for thinking that this version will challenge the diesel for sales is that I felt the 1.4 with its automatic all-wheel drive felt surefooted, was less grumpy on the open road, faster on the uptake and has the kind of fuel returns undreamt of by petrol heads a few years ago.
We adored superheroes who flaunted varying degrees of undreamt of ultra-human powers: iron muscles, flying, x-ray and heat vision, breathing underwater, running faster than a speeding train, etc.
But if the new media world undermines orthodoxy, it promises to create extraordinarily greedy structures that elevate communal identity to levels undreamt of even in the most authoritarian cults.
Running an international organization involves undreamt of levels of patience and protocols and it is to his credit and to that of the senior staff of the organization that these maters did not overwhelm their enthusiasm for science.
During this time, the company - which began with the purchase of a prune orchard in 1911 - has expanded and adapted, changing to meet market needs that were undreamt of when the original company was founded.
What we do know is that it uses some foxy subatomic finagling, which may result in the invention of new materials with undreamt of properties.
Yet, it is a scholarly commonplace that history, post-Aquinas, presents us with the development of many variant and perhaps deviant Thomisms undreamt of by the Angelic Doctor.
Most of the comedy comes from Mortimer and wealthy layabout pal Edmund's (Rupert Everett) semi-accidental invention of the vibrator--which saves Mortimer's hand further stress and works hitherto undreamt wonders for Dalrymple's clientele.
If Cunard Line can bring this audacious plan to fruition, it will lift Liverpool's deepsea passenger shipping revival to undreamt of levels.