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in an undramatic manner


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Alexandre asks for nothing more than to be given a chance to live undramatically, to simply be:
Or in their suite of photographs Settlements, Agglomeration, 1993--part of their massive archive Visible World, 1987-2000 (talk about overarching!)--which unabashedly aestheticizes the outskirts, the periphery, that which lies undramatically to the side.
The brakes slow it quickly and undramatically and it also copes well with all manner of road surfaces, bumps and ridges.
The ruthless selfishness of Fanny Dashwood, brilliantly dramatized in the novel's second chapter, is matched by Lady Middleton's undramatically presented self-absorption, and here the narrator rather than the sisters explicitly draws the analogy between them.
Official foreign reserves have climbed steadily, though undramatically, in 2010.
Following this are two sections, prosaically entitled 'My First Twenty Years' and 'Next', this directness being reflected in the spare, concise nature of the poems, which make their impact undramatically and with effective understatement.
Instead, to the extent possible, his regime should be undramatically but methodically strangled by sanctions -- and any easing should be linked to concrete steps by the North.
And then he adds, so undramatically that I almost miss it: 'I think if this present trend continues, in ten years there will be no Kolahoi glacier'.
(8) In his autobiography, Christopher Milne explores undramatically his difficult relationship with his father.
I remember all the moderate South Africans who undramatically and in small ways continually chipped away at the system, shaking the cage from without and within.
Gaff describes the relief of the "Lost Battalion" undramatically and then recounts how the demands of war provided the functioning survivors precious little recovery time.
In their text, they describe how parking evolved slowly and undramatically, moving forward in tiny increments that, at the time, must have seemed natural.
Musing about his life, he remarked undramatically: "I'm many things: I'm gay, I'm a pacifist, I am a recovered alcoholic, I'm an atheist, and I'm a composer.
Marketing manager Patrick Bentley describes it undramatically as 'very frustrating'.