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Antonyms for undramatic

lacking dramatic force and quality


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Wall Street was expected to put in a steady performance, although trading was expected to be undramatic with many dealers leaving early for the long weekend.
To witness how undramatic this work is, one need look no further than "Fermat's Last Tango.
Ultimately, however, the show fails to solve the problem that the act of writing is fundamentally private and undramatic.
During one particularly pensive moment, Lechner writes that he's saddened by the "pervasive cynicism" he sees in the unfunny comedies, the undramatic dramas, the unenlightening news and the unstimulating talkshows.
corporate life is amateurish, undramatic and bereft of any sense of pacing, yet bas somehow managed to score theatrical screens.
In Channel 5 documentary Murdered By My Daughter, Markham is heard describing in an undramatic voice how he first killed Elizabeth, 49.
He noted Kent's 'emotional depth, expressed with quiet, undramatic intensity'-which is on full display in the compilation.
I don't know and have never met Richards, so I have no way of knowing if the decision to abort their fourth child was as undramatic, the no-big-deal decision she makes it out to be.
England wrap up their undramatic group campaign with a trip to Lithuania this evening, the game being shown on ITV.
However the story is in a way gentle and largely undramatic but the characteristics of each youngster are finely brought to life making the development within the whole book engrossing.
Summary: Perhaps the most dramatic aspect of the succession in Saudi Arabia last week was how undramatic it was.
Some, however, say more detail is needed before a judgment can be made on whether George Osborne is truly creating a 'Northern Powerhouse' or merely setting the wheels in motion for a long-awaited - if undramatic - boost for the region's business community.
The disconnect between ownership and support is stark, but can still be mended - in a lot of undramatic ways.
She quotes Lawrence Ness: "Christian art begins not as a great storm but rather as the little turning in an undramatic way, and its beginnings are little noted either by Christian or non-Christian contemporary observers.