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General Raheel Sharif through his undoubting resolve, unflinching sincerity and impeccable professional commitment has become a leading figure in the world.
The deputy renewed calls for vigilance against fresh Israeli aggression visited on sacred Islamic and Christian sites in Jerusalem saying Israel pursues its undoubting undermining of the Palestinian Cause.
You can just let it go." Yet, the process of letting it go asks for an undoubting virtuosity, and a musical complicity between the artists.
His chin lifted with undoubting self-possession, he never comments upon his character, attacking every moment with taut concentration and stark physicality that contrasts upsettingly with his furious, fearful retreats into himself.
Working as a single woman and going all the way from Chauburji residence to Walton Campus herself in early twenties spoke of her undoubting spirit.
"A man was meant to be doubtful about himself, but undoubting about
The more we approach the end of the CPA period; the more the truth about the truce is undoubting beginning to reveal every bit that was taken for granted while the two sides were hurried up in 2005 to seal a deal.
ISLAMABAD, March 25, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Notwithstanding undoubting challenges, terrorism among them figures high, the PPP-led coalition government is convincingly getting through with democracy as its magic stick.
A little envy, perhaps, for his undoubting conviction that frontiers, races, patriotisms, even wars if need be, are ultimate verities for mankind, which lends for him a kind of dignity and even nobility to events, which for others are only a nightmare interlude, something to be permanently avoided.
"Few men possess any thing like it," Hawthorne wrote; "so irresistible as it is, so sure to draw forth an undoubting confidence, and so true to the promise which it gives" (23:282).