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Antonyms for undomestic

not domestic or related to home


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Britton, A and Margetts, M (1993), Exhibition Proposal for The Undomestic Product, exhibition archive, cabinet 75, Modern Art Oxford.
I think my favourite book has to be The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella.
Need for Speed Most Wanted, The Strokes--First Impressions of Earth, The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella and Wedding Crashers are the PS2 game, CD album, paperback and DVD selected this time around.
Sophie Kinsella's book The Undomestic Goddess, published by Black Swan, took the top spot in the chart having sold 31,996 copies.
Much more "neutral" than the introductory essays, the listings could, for the most part, be as interesting to an undomestic man or woman as to those primarily engaged in "casalinghitudine.
So when heroine of The Undomestic Goddess Samantha admits that she can't sew on a button, but can manage to save her client pounds 30m on a bank deal, it's hard not to gives a little cheer.
2 THE UNDOMESTIC GODDESS Sophie Kinsella (Black Swan, pounds 6.