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not domestic or related to home


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Britton, A and Margetts, M (1993), Exhibition Proposal for The Undomestic Product, exhibition archive, cabinet 75, Modern Art Oxford.
What does an undomestic fiction look like--not just a novel that takes place out on the street, at work, in public spaces, but one whose structure does not match up with domestic architecture; one in which narrative space cannot be mapped onto living space, in which interiority and exteriority are muddled and mixed?
01 TABLE 3 DIFFERENCES IN GENDER ROLE REPRESENTATION OF MAJOR CHARACTERS IN CHILDREN'S PROGRAMS Channel Kuwaiti Egyptian Gender of major characters Male/Female Male/Female Outcome Variable ratio ratio Characteristics Undomestic 1.
The very undomestic mother of one daughter, she was also an adventurous spirit who became a pilot in her sixties, writing about flying and traveling for her long-time hometown newspaper, The Toledo Blade.
Need for Speed Most Wanted, The Strokes--First Impressions of Earth, The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella and Wedding Crashers are the PS2 game, CD album, paperback and DVD selected this time around.
an undomestic novel about incest and authorship (the two symbolically
17] Indolent, luxurious, tropical, Romanized, and undomestic, the protagonist is a fascinatingly "great creature without a soul" (56).
Uneasy that "all the caps and gowns" might stir undomestic ambitions, the Congress leaders made a point of extolling college (where 85,000 women were enrolled by 1900) as the crucial prerequisite for enlightened motherhood.
Much more "neutral" than the introductory essays, the listings could, for the most part, be as interesting to an undomestic man or woman as to those primarily engaged in "casalinghitudine.
Roses lie in the future or, perhaps, given the system of sexual role characteristics defined in this novel, provide too much of an undomestic pleasure ever to be safely incorporated into the female sphere.
Fighting, baby talk, drunkenness, dancing, dueling, horse racing, and undomestic wives are severely reprimanded.
A hopeless, undomestic, dozy, dreamy guy-type of eccentricity.
Sophie Kinsella's book The Undomestic Goddess, published by Black Swan, took the top spot in the chart having sold 31,996 copies.
So when heroine of The Undomestic Goddess Samantha admits that she can't sew on a button, but can manage to save her client pounds 30m on a bank deal, it's hard not to gives a little cheer.
I've a long list of things to do for work, a mountain of ironing fast approaching Snowdon proportions, and the house looks like one of the homes featured on that TV programme where two bossy women armed with rubber gloves and Vim arrive to tell you what a filthy, lazy, undomestic goddess you really are.