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Antonyms for undock

move out of a dock


take (a ship) out of a dock


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Next, we started to rear undocked pigs on fully slatted systems, with one enrichment item (the spruce or rubber toy (EasyFix)) per 14 pigs with either high or standard dietary fibre.
When undocked, only two players can enjoy the tournament.
Emotions ran high on Atlantis and at Nasa's Mission Control as the ship undocked for the last time.
They successfully undocked from the space station in a Russian Soyuz spacecraft at 10:02 p.m.
When undocked, the scanner can function through USB- or wall-power as a sheetfed scanner.
THE new Royal yacht Victoria and Albert, which heeled over when about to be floated out of dock at Pembroke on Wednesday, was successfully undocked at 8am on Thursday, amidst the cheers of men engaged in the work releasing the colossal vessel.
At the end of its mission, the ATV will be filled with waste, undocked and reenter the atmosphere where it will burn up.
SPACE shuttle Endeavour undocked from the international space station a day early yesterday as NASA kept an eye on Hurricane Dean.
He pointed to evidence from Sweden where one in three undocked working dogs sustained injury in the first two years after a ban was introduced there.
At around 9am GMT, it undocked from the Soyuz without complications and began to transmit a signal to its handlers at the University of Surrey in the UK.
'He has a white body, with black and tan head, undocked tail, rough coat, and was wearing a green collar.
These undocked Web applications can deliver a much richer user experience and still maintain the integrity of the federated portal framework.
Once loaded, the cart is undocked and wheeled, by means of an ergonomically positioned push handle, to a workstation or other location.
Additional features of GoldMine Sales & Marketing include: integration with GoldMine Plus Accounting for QuickBooks Pro/Premier 2002, which enables data sharing between front- and back-office customer records; full integration with HEAT Service & Support, FrontRange's customer service and support software; an updated user interface, including re-designed toolbar icons, customizable work area background settings and onscreen indicators, which facilitate learning and navigation; one-button synchronization to simplify synchronization for remote users to stay up to date on key contact and calendar information; and Undocked Sites Installer, which provides administrators with the ability to set up, configure and install multiple undocked sites for remote users.
Once loaded the cart is undocked and wheeled, by means of an ergonomically positioned push handle, to a workstation or other location.