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impossible to achieve

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'The policy is a hoax', 'the bearer is a liar', 'it is undoable', 'we need more time', 'it's not a good idea', are just some phrases used to describe their reactions.
Though the political adversaries have already termed it an undoable task; however, it is yet to see how the PTI will make it achievable.
Their immigration idea does, though, sound politically undoable. It's hard to imagine Americans going along with at least 100 million new immigrants entering the country in a short time.
But it's not undoable. It means a dramatic change in the standard of living.
In the U.S., this is a tougher proposition, but far from undoable.
I feel the negativity, I feel the pull of it because it is such a big club heading in the wrong direction and to turn it round is incredibly tough - but it is not unthinkable, it is not undoable, it is not impossible."
That's not undoable, and a (https://www.fool.com/investing/2017/09/28/this-cryptocurrency-bull-believes-bitcoin-could-hi.aspx) few ambitious investors have called for the cryptocurrency  to reach even greater heights in the years to come.
I believe this is undoable and I think the decision by the United States is not wise and will not end the conflict.
ROME, Dec 1 (KUNA) -- EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said Friday the European Union was committed to Iran's nuclear agreement, which was a security priority for Europe, and added that calls for reviewing deal's articles was "technically undoable." The nuclear agreement with Iran is a "security priority" for Europe and the whole region, and all 28 EU member states agree the deal "should be implemented fully," Mogherini said in remarks during a session of Rome Mediterranean Dialogue (MED 2017).
just as the political philosopher should be free to think the unthinkable, so the very rich should be free to do the undoable,' explains Monbiot.
Likewise, bringing them to only development utility by neglecting environmental conservation is also undoable. Social indifferent curves (SICs) represent this situation (Samuelson 1955) as shown in Figure 5.
"And pushing them to say, CyIt's not undoable. There are people that have done it and have come into this industry in a very different way, and actually that's a positive thing because it brings a different thought process."
Firstly, none of this far-fetched vision's implementation planning will work: its 2017-21 schools' work programme is manifestly undoable and so pie-in-the-blue-sky thinking as to be the work of astrologers.
But if curiosity gets the better of you and you do the undoable, chances are that they will tell you they picked it up at an "exhibition".
As bad as all that sounds, it's not undoable. We can regain the public's trust.