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Undo 7 screws as the pic shown below with screw driver and take out the plastic cover.
Kieran Coonan QC, defending, said: ``I am going to suggest to you that Dr Azurdia did not undo your bra.
For we can't undo what is done, can not undo what is done.
You can now undo an unlimited number of edits, a major improvement over the previous versions that only supported undo for the last operation.
The second possibility is to deploy UNDO Transaction Recovery (Figure 2).
More heat will be generated by the staffing issue when some industry officials try to get Congress to undo the following provision in the new law: Medicare and Medicaid nursing facilities will be required to post nurse staffing information daily for each shift in the facility, effective January 1, 2003.
Among jockeys who have ridden the horses which I look after are David Harrison and Jason Weaver, who as soon as they mount, undo the plaits up the mane.
Milton Unbound constitutes a striking performance, an impassioned attack on what it depicts as a fundamentally misguided Milton industry that evolves into a quest, grounded in psychoanalysis, to undo the patriarchal Milton.
The best explanation may be that generations of segregation and entrenched attitudes take generations to undo -- and we don't know yet if they can ever be completely undone.
Errors made when reconciling bank statements can now be fixed instantly with the new Undo Reconciliation feature.
Once users click undo, the email would reappear in the 'Compose' box on Gmail, letting users decide what they wish to do with it.
6 ( ANI ): A life-saver and a job-saver feature in Gmail can let users undo the saucy email sent by error to an unintended recipient by a simple click on a button.
She had the sense to undo her seat belt and reach over and undo mine and we dropped.
Undo it with a flathead screwdriver and the shower disc will drop out.
This time, however, he had to undo his trousers in case he ripped the suit he was wearing as Phil ties the knot with psycho Stella.