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cannot be divided without leaving a remainder

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HM said: "Bahrain and Saudi Arabia are one and undividable country.
The two categories of models used for fractions are continuous, meaning they can be subdivided into smaller pieces, and discrete, which consists of a group of undividable objects.
The DRBAC model creates atom roles by dividing traditional RBAC roles, which makes role assignment granularity smaller to reach a state of undividable permission, and then becomes more beneficial for the implementation of "the principle of least privilege".
Even if one chooses to be generous and give the prime minister these East Jerusalemites in his count, one has to wonder, as Jonathan Lis recently did in Haaretz, why Netanyahu, who later on in his speech roared that "Jerusalem must never again be divided," would possibly choose to include the residents of the undividable capital in the overall tally of the contested populace.
Erekat said that the law is another step forward to declare Jerusalem as Israel's undividable capital.
Zain believes it is an undividable part of the Kuwaiti society, and the
The truth is that we demand Kirkuk because it is an undividable part of Kurdistan.
Rather than fit problems and methodologies into 'ideal type' or 'generic' categories, UST urges participants to see problems as undividable mess and methodologies as an interweaving whole, both are full of tensions and reciprocalities.
Firstness is undivided and undividable oneness, without thought and without analysis.
Each node is being evaluated and is divided in other nodes if possible, until the terminal undividable nodes are found.
This 'mutually beneficial marriage', in particular, reinforces creativity in sports industry, facilitates the establishment of new forms of media content from those sports events, which previously have been seen as homogeneous and undividable broadcasting products.
Other stories with a slightly swishy tone include Double IX, "The Undividable Heart," ONE, 4 (Oct.
This paper offers some reflections on the idea that the socio-cultural competence is as important in teaching a second foreign language as in the mother tongue, since language and culture are undividable realities.
Thyself I call it, being strange to me That undividable, incorporate, Am better than thy dear self's better part.
However, it may happen that the artistic value of the object is so great and so great the hope of being able to resell it in a short time for a much higher price, that the purchase may be considered unjust at times, having to restitute the difference until the lowest just price is reached, even if the half pound is paid at 65 reales, and regardless of the fact that in these cases the price is not undividable but allows for a wide range between the maximum and the minimum just price.