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not diversified

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Firms with founding families' presence constitute about one-third of the S&P 500 and Fortune 500 industrial firms, and founding families represent the most common types of large, undiversified shareholders (Shleifer and Vishny, 1986; Villalonga and Amit, 2006).
Additionally, "Large businesses are generally less sensitive to weather than small, undiversified businesses.
However, structural weaknesses, including limited transparency, relatively weak corporate governance practices and undiversified operating environment, continue to persist.
Montenegro s relatively undiversified economy relies heavily on foreign investment which drove an economic boom between 2006 and 2008.
Agriculture very conspicuously became the mainstay of a mostly undiversified, and therefore incredibly vulnerable, economy.
Experts warn that Angola's economy is dangerously undiversified and overreliant on oil for capital.
It goes on to describe MENA's financial sectors as dominated by large, well-capitalized banks, but largely undiversified and uncompetitive.
Estate plans can now be designed to hold an undiversified portfolio with concentrated investment risk-such as your closely held businesses-with much less risk that a beneficiary can force its sale.
It reviews the main causes of unsatisfactory growth and employment performance, the region's broader growth agenda and role of financial development, and the size and structure of the financial systems, showing how most are excessively bank-based and undiversified, as well as outlining indicators showing that access outcomes have been poor in comparison to other regions.
When Greece joined the euro in 2001, it had an undiversified economy that relied on tourism, shipping and agriculture.
The bank ended up with so many improvement district bonds that the sheer undiversified nature of the investment portfolio caught the attention of examiners from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.
The principal factor that underpins these banks' structural asset-quality challenges are the undiversified GCC economies dependent on oil and gas exports, an aspect that tends to magnify the impact of economic cycles on the banks," the report said.
Arab economies remain undiversified, relying largely on oil and low-value added commodity products such as cement, alumina, fertilizers and phosphates.
As a rule, insurance industry failures were often limited to small, thinly capitalized or undiversified companies--mortgage insurers for example--the executives said.