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untroubled by interference or disturbance

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iv)Attcrgbrg limit (v) Laboratory test of compression (vi) Undisturbed shear tests, (vii) One dimensional consolidation tests , Triaxial Compression test (viii) Detailed report for liquefaction (xi) Routine classification tests, compaction recommendation for the suitable type of foundation as per soil test report.
Family richness, diversity, abundance and evenness of soil inhabiting Mesostigmata mites in cultivated and undisturbed soil were estimated from five different localities of Punjab, Pakistan in 2014.
Thus, the aim of this study was to evaluate the soil biological properties of the undisturbed and disturbed Cerrado sensu stricto from PNSC, Northeast Brazil.
Critique: "An Undisturbed Peace" is a compelling novel taking as its theme the infamous 'Trail of Tears' event that saw the wholesale exodus of Native Americans from their homeland as governmental forces removed them to more hostile reservation locations further west.
North East civil engineering company Allied Exploration & Geotechnics Ltd (AEG) has been called in by Banks Mining to drill a series of small diameter boreholes at different locations on the Highthorn site, to the south east of Widdrington, from which undisturbed samples of material can be removed for analysis.
4% premium to Recall's initial undisturbed price of AUSD 5.
This land, probably the same as Morpeth, has been undisturbed for many years.
Nineteen plots were studied to compare woody vegetation in the undisturbed and disturbed areas.
In undisturbed badger communities, this helped to keep the disease confined to a few affected individuals within a group.
They don't like being overfed but if left undisturbed they will multiply, brightening up autumn and spring every year.
The volume of work in the earlier years was a lot less than today and there was every possibility of sitting down and having time to eat a meal undisturbed.
The program included a GCC-wide survey asking parents what their children's sleeping habits are, at what ages their children reach certain milestones, such as crawling, talking, walking and what parents do to ensure a comfortable, undisturbed sleep for their child.
3 : to remain or cause to remain undisturbed until fit for use : mature <The cheese must age.
For maximum impact, plant in bold drifts and mark the spot so they'll remain undisturbed until shoots start to come through in the New Year.
The U-boat had lain undisturbed off the coast of Dover, Kent, since 1918 but the increasing deep draught of modern vessels navigating the Channel created concern.