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(of investments) not distributed among a variety of securities

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In its annual report, the audit agency said the undistributed share of Cash Bonus Fund (CBF) for sugar farmers from 1991 to 2018 ballooned to P528,082,529.89.
In a report in June 2018, CoA also reported that there were P25.2-million worth of learning materials (LMs) undistributed to public schools because these were found damaged in the publisher's warehouse.
It stated that immediate remedial measures are to abolish taxes like alternative corporate tax, tax on undistributed profits and super tax.
These earnings and profits constitute CFC1's pool of post-1986 undistributed earnings.
When declaring dividends, the Main Street Board of Directors reviews estimates of taxable income available for distribution, which differs from consolidated net income under generally accepted accounting principles due to (i) changes in unrealized appreciation and depreciation, (ii) temporary and permanent differences in income and expense recognition, (iii) activity at taxable subsidiaries, and (iv) the amount of undistributed taxable income carried over from a given year for distribution in the following year.
Prior to the addition of Article XVIII(7) to the treaty, undistributed income accrued in certain Canadian retirement plans were subject to U.S., but not Canadian, tax if the beneficiaries were U.S.
Since a simple trust is required to distribute all of its FAI to its beneficiaries each year, its undistributed net investment income is limited to the capital gain it generates.
He said the state BJP government has decided to return the undistributed CFL bulbs to the companies that had supplied them.
Undistributed resources are available under 6 of the 7 EU operational programs.
In the first half of 2013, the summary undistributed profit of the Armenian banking system amounted to 20.6 bln AMD ($50.3
"Undistributed flour stays at warehouses, and the enterprises have to withhold work.
Starting in 2013, trusts and estates will owe the 3.8% surtax on the lesser of (a) undistributed net investment income or (b) the excess of adjusted gross income (AGI) over the threshold for the highest estate and trust income tax bracket.
In previous years, however, the insurer set aside part of its income as undistributed profit and the dividend could be paid out of its retained earnings.
If there is a problem, I'm equally sure the African and Indian billionaires who got rich on undistributed donated aid will selflessly lend a hand, if not cash.
Tolkien's heirs claimed the studio owed it millions of pounds in undistributed profits from the three films, which made pounds 1.8 billion worldwide and won 11 Oscars after they released between 2001 and 2003.