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without alteration or misrepresentation

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In De Brigard's Undistorted Experience Machine cases, we are asked to imagine being told by a reliable source that we have been living life inside an experience machine and are given the chance to unplug to lead a different life in reality.
In addition, Blaxtair provides the driver with high-quality undistorted large field images through a control display.
They have a big 'go-for-it' European sound with a keen biting edge to it when required, an ability to sustain dauntlessly and the capacity to generate enormous undistorted volume.
The Verti-Scan capability provides a consistent confocal sample excitation capability to obtain undistorted 3D images, without the use of an automated X-Y-Z sample stage.
It is also important that this market continues to grow and can be relied on to give investors and policy makers across the EU an undistorted carbon price signal.
where r is distance of the point in ideal undistorted image to the centre of distortion C = ([c.
We had an urge to see what the stamps would have looked like undistorted, and thought our readers might as well.
GTronix's solutions, which enhance audio user-interface and voice processing, are well suited for applications where small form factor, low power, low latency and undistorted signals are critical.
It added: "The undistorted market price signal is provided under 100% auctioning.
Therefore effective and undistorted competition was impossible and the liberalization of the electricity market in 2002 was more a formal step than an actual achievement.
And the goal of "free and undistorted competition" has been abandoned.
High brightness and fast video response deliver brilliant blur-free images, while the in-built automatic aspect ratio adjustment ensures a full, undistorted screen image by maintaining correct image proportions for both widescreen and native 4:3 content.
Jake Rademacher and the entire Rademacher family should be proud of this film and the undistorted view it gives of those who sacrifice in times of war.
The narrator is keen to see her life through a looking glass, but the mirror she holds up to nature is undistorted, and she reveals her experience in stark, lucid, often painful details.
Simultaneous forward movement of the inspection sensor and circular scanning creates an undistorted image of the inside surface which shows a rolled-out representation.