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Synonyms for undistinguishable

not capable of being distinguished or differentiated

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It is by this time mere vegetable mould and undistinguishable pond shore, through which rushes and flags have pushed up.
The burial-place had got to the pass that its little heaps of poor grass were undistinguishable from one another; the figure on the Cross might have come down, for anything that could be seen of it.
Many of the servants of the Province House had caught glimpses of a visage frowning down upon them, at morning or evening twilight,--or in the depths of night, while raking up the fire that glimmered on the hearth beneath; although, if any were bold enough to hold a torch before the picture, it would appear as black and undistinguishable as ever.
The sisters, who seem like water and fire on the exterior, are undistinguishable on the inside, where their Grandmothers molded them with strength to overcome even the most devastating of losses, to love as if it is their last day on earth, and the taught them of forgiveness and tolerance.
As a result, the use of the Techwell 3D decoder makes the image resulting from a composite source (NTSC) virtually undistinguishable from the image resulting from a true component source, without the visible artifacts and losses of resolution that are generally associated with NTSC.