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Synonyms for undistinguishable

not capable of being distinguished or differentiated

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The thrills of joy and thrills of pain are undistinguishable.
He felt it in the sudden sense of his isolation; the trustworthy, powerful ship of his first acquaintance reduced to a speck, to something almost undistinguishable, the mere support for the soles of his two feet before that unexpected old man becoming so suddenly articulate in a darkening universe.
But it has not been quite so often remarked that this power (fallible, like every other human attribute) is for the most part absolutely incapable of self-revision; and that when it has delivered an adverse opinion which by all human lights is subsequently proved to have failed, it is undistinguishable from prejudice, in respect of its determination not to be corrected.
How the other pen found its way into the bowl instead of the fireplace or wastepaper basket I can't imagine, but there the two were, lying side by side, both encrusted with ink and completely undistinguishable from each other.
As I am here beside you, barefoot, unclothed, undistinguishable in darkness, so must I lie through all the night of my decay, until I am dust.
A faint cry died away upon its surface; the last powerful struggle of the dying man agitated the rippling waves for a few seconds; and the spot where he had gone down into his early grave, was undistinguishable from the surrounding water.
The sisters, who seem like water and fire on the exterior, are undistinguishable on the inside, where their Grandmothers molded them with strength to overcome even the most devastating of losses, to love as if it is their last day on earth, and the taught them of forgiveness and tolerance.
Recently tried were both potato leek and puree of asparagus soup, almost undistinguishable in looks, but definitely in taste.