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in an unarguable and undisputed manner


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When it comes to garlic, Koreans are second to none in the world in enjoying the undisputedly healthy nutrient.
Undisputedly this achievement could not have been accomplished without the exceptional leadership of AJB Senior Management, Support functions, and the project team.
These 89 women Parliamentarians have worked hard to prove that their political capabilities and competence are equivalent, if not superior, to their male counterparts and their interest in parliamentary business is undisputedly unmatchable.
Velocity is undisputedly the answer to all the charging hassles and comes in handy with almost all the prominent features because of the compatible hardware platform being used.
He's still a world-class player and undisputedly our captain," insisted Low.
While talking to the forum, Angela Kearny, Representative of UNICEF Pakistan said, children are, undisputedly our common interest and focus.
Will King Dollar which is undisputedly one of the critical roots of American power for about seventy (70) years soon to be dethroned?
WHEN Bayern Munich lifted the Champions League trophy in 2013 to round off an historic treble, they were undisputedly Europe's finest team.
The pair are undisputedly the top dogs in Ulster, with Donegal's All-Ireland title in 2012 and consistency for a longer spell putting them slightly ahead.
What is good, what is right and what is undisputedly proper should be considered the common attainment of mankind.
Louise Clayton-Vance, Dolman's tutor at the college, said: "Joe is truly and undisputedly talented - a natural musician and songwriter - and when he performs, he commands the room and has such a professional persona and approach.
It's high time the job is put into perspective and I can't think of a better person to do it than Mr Modi who has undisputedly emerged as the new hope for a young India.
Finnish giant Nokia, which was undisputedly the biggest mobile phone company before the advent of Apple's iPhone or Samsung's Galaxy, offloaded its handset division to Microsoft this year after failing to catch the smartphone wave.
Qatar's stable political and economic environment provides context for the continued reliable supply of LNG from existing LNG production facilities with a compelling and proven track record that is undisputedly world class.
Kenny McCormick undisputedly has been killed the most number of times in the history of TV show.